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Can geoengineering fix the climate? Hundreds of scientists say not so fast

By Oliver Milman

25 Dec 2022 · 7 min read

Editor's Note

The Guardian has an interesting read on the ethics of solar geoengineering, which deals with manipulating the atmosphere to reverse effects of global warming. Scientists aren't keen on the idea.

As global heating escalates, the US government has set out a plan to further study the controversial and seemingly sci-fi notion of deflecting the sun’s rays before they hit Earth. But a growing group of scientists denounces any steps towards what is known as solar geoengineering.

The White House has set into motion a five-year outline for research into “climate interventions”. Those include methods such as sending a phalanx of planes to spray reflective particles into the upper reaches of the atmosphere, in order to block incoming sunlight from adding to rising temperatures.

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