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The truth behind 10 of the biggest health beliefs

By Joel Snape

04 Jan 2023 · 9 min read

Editor's Note

Should we really be aiming for eight hours of sleep a night and 10,000 steps a day? The Guardian sifts fact from fiction as it puts some common assumptions about healthy living to the test.

It’s easy to think that science is constantly changing its mind on all things dietary and health-based – if you have never suffered headline whiplash from trying to keep up with whether or not wine is good for you, you probably aren’t paying attention. In fact, our collective understanding is getting more nuanced, with ever-emerging longitudinal studies and meta-reviews getting us closer and closer to the truth about what is good for our bodies. Here are some widely held beliefs and what science says now – so you can start making informed health decisions this year.

‘Lifting weights will make you bulky’

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