How your age could cause discrimination

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I’m the founder and managing director of the social impact initiative JOINT GENERATIONS.

Decisions about the future need to be made collectively, including by those who are young and old.

These articles show that the best way to solve economic and sociopolitical issues is to discuss them across generations.

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MIT Sloan Management Review

Making the Case for ‘Subjective Age’ in the Multigenerational Workforce

2 min read
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CV ageism: Can you be the 'wrong’ age for a job?

5 min read
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McKinsey & Company

The economic impact of ageism

13 min read
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World Economic Forum

Multigenerational Workforce Can Help You Succeed. Here's How

1 min read
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“He asked me if I was having a senior moment.” 23 women share their honest experiences of ageism.

8 min read